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Absolute best vegan places to chow down?
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i was told yesterday by a vegan friend that nuba is really good. on hastings and cambie.
I second this. Nuba is awesome :)
There's one at Davie and Seymour too. Delicious!
I fourth this.
I've heard good things about Nuba.
I'll have to give it a try.<

Thank you!
there's a new veggie mexican place at commercial and 12th ave called bandidas. they can make everything on the menu vegan. nachos, tacos, even brunch. i went there yesterday and it was mega-tasty and fresh. all their tortillas are made on site!

we enjoy bo kong now and then, on main at 16th or so - veggie chinese. a truly astounding selection of tofu/seitan dishes.

foundation has terrific food for really reasonable prices but it can get really busy at night and the service is hit-or-miss.

green lettuce on kingsway at victoria has some great indian-chinese fusion food...not a veggie restaurant but lots of veg' options.

radha yoga and eatery on main street is beautiful and has an almost entirely raw menu, i think.

you may want to check out vancouvervegs, too. lots of eatery tips there.

I also recommend Radha.
I was totally looking for that comm but for the life of me just couldn't find it.
Thanks for all the suggestions!
gorilla foods is raw vegan and it's a cute little lunch place on richards between pender & hastings. all the other places mentioned are great too.
Thank you!
I wasn't going to hold my breath for anything raw. This is just awesome.
I don't know if this place is 100% vegan, but they work with organic and local foods and there's a lot of vegetarian choices on the menu. I love going here, especially for the pies! It is "The Aphrodite Cafe" on 4th Avenue. There's also the Naam on 4th.