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Brunch by Stanley Park?

Hey Foodies!

Can anyone recommend a nice place for brunch close to Stanley Park? It's my birthday on Monday and I'd like to go somewhere with good food and nice atmosphere, possibly on Denman or Davie.

I'd love to hear your suggestions!
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I've never been to Checkers, but Hamburger Mary's is a classic. Thanks for the suggestion.
We had brunch at Raincity grill today and it was fantastic. Its right at the end of Denman, with a view of English Bay.
I've been there for dinner and it's amazing. I just looked at their brunch menu online and it looks delicious!
If you don't mind somewhere pricy - and a little further - I heard the breakfast/brunch buffet at the downtown Fairmont is really amazing.
It's a little out of our price range if we're going for a ballin' dinner later, but it does look fantastic.
You can probably have brunch IN Stanley Park there are a number of restaurants there. I'm sure at least 2 do brunch.
Sequoia Grill does a nice brunch and is in Stanley Park.
Perfect! Thanks.