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Ok, these are just some of my favourite restaurants for myself so I could remember them all and where they all but but when I was done, figured I might as well post it here.  People have different tastes so if you don't agree, that's cool, but I hope this helps out maybe sometime if you're looking somewhere new to check out.


Anatole Souvlaki (Great atmospher/food/staff. Prices are pretty average) 5 lonsdale ave, north vancouver 604 985 9853
Opah (chain, there's one at park royal) they have really good fries they do 'greek style' lol..as well as donairs. Affordable.)
George's Souvlaki (the quay, north vancouver, amazing donairs)
Kostas Taverna (Kind of to nice to be in a mini mall.. Improved a lot over the years. Affordable 10-20 dollars. Good food, friendly staff. 1133 Mount Seymour Road, North Vancouver Tel: (604) 929-8133)

Anton's (great prices and taste, ridiculously huge portions) 4260 Hastings St., Burnaby.(Not too far from 2nd narrows)
Boston Pizza cheap pasta night (wed?)  (good, cheap, you can make up your own dish)
Arriva Ristorante Great atmosphere, live music, food and staff. Very affordable authentic italian. (coupon - http://www.arrivaristorante.ca/reservations.html) 1537 commercial drive (604) 251-1177

Gourmet castle (it's open late and i like their soup. I don't really like chinese food though, so i'm not the best judge.. But I'v read good things and people i know really like it there. The staff is really nice, too.) #109-2838 East Hastings (not the horrible part) 604-255-778

Honjin Sushi 1490 Lonsdale 990.9168 (Really friendly wife and husband that own it. Good sushi, really affordable)
Neighbourhood Noodles House (Ok food, but relatively affordable and large variety)1525 Lonsdale 988.9885
Kobe Japanese Steak House (expensive and high end but the best food i've ever eaten in my life. I left feeling high. Cooks that chop things in the air and then toss them in your mouth. With strobe lights.) 1042 Alberni, Vancouver (604) 684-2451
Sushi Station (sort of fast food atmosphere, great sushi and prices. Sometimes the staff is grumpy, depends on who you get though.. Some of them are really nice.)1643 Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver, (604) 990-8897.
Nobu sushi (I just really like the alaska rolls and the people are nice)3197 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver  604-988-4553
Tanpopo Restaurant 1122 Denman 604-681-7777 (Sometimes grumpy staff but ok prices, good sushi and all you can eat, nice place. Open late, all you can eat special for like 10 bucks after 9 or so too. More formal than sushi station. Good for going out for a nice dinner.)
Red Tom-Bo Japanese  (Good, affordable.) 604.924.9168 Japanese Restaurant. 449 N. Dollarton Highway, in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC

Mumbai Masala (Gorgeous decor, really sweet staff, great food and prices. All you can eat lunch buffet for 8.95 till 2:30.) 138 W 16TH ST, NORTH VANCOUVER 604-980-7143

Great Wall Mongolian BBQ (ok, probably not the healthiest, but all you can eat for like 7 dollars and you get to chose your meats, sauces, vegetables and spices as well as get to watch them cook it) 717 Denman Street Phone: 604-688-2121


Raglan's Bistro (burgers and stuff.. Sort of carribiean style. A different take on them. Really good but they have weird unpredictable hours.) 14 Lonsdale Tel: 604-988-8203 North Vancouver
Cheers (Good all you can eat variety) 125 2nd Street East - (604) 985-9192
Cactus club cafe (Really good food. Interesting, lots of variety. Relatively affordable, love the decor *chain.. 1598 Pemberton Avenue - (604) 986-5776, 1G-855 Main Street, West Vancouver - (604) 922-1707, 1136 Robson Street, Vancouver - (604) 687-3278)
Inn Cognito (Mediterranean inspired. Good breakfast and everything else. Relatively affordable. Nice atmosphere. Interesting variety. Good pizza.) 1861 Lonsdale Ave (19th and Lonsdale), 604-988-0201.

Habibi's (Amazing lebanese food. Has won lots of awards) 1128 W Broadway West, Vancouver Tel: (604) 732-7487

Misquito creek bar and grill (Good variety, nice atmosphere, big place, affordable)Mosquito Creek Bar & Grill 2601 Westview Drive, North Vancouver, BC 604-983-3083
The Raven (Great spinach artichoke and hot wings as well as pizza.. Live music sundays and off and on otherwise)Open daily 11:00 am – 12 midnight Phone: (604) 929-3834 Free Parking in Rear 1052 Deep Cove Road, North Vancouver BC
Seymour's (Good wings and sandwhiches. A good variety, live music off and on) 210 - 720 Lillooet Road, N. Vancouver

The Tomahawk (Not too cheap but big portions and good food, been around forever) 1550 phillip ave., north van 604 988 2612
Tommy's (Good breakfast. Amazing smoked salmon eggs benedict) 1308 Ross Road. North Vancouver  Phone: (604) 988-0053

Flying wedge
(chain. Interesting take on pizza. A bit expensive. Good though.)
Boston Pizza (
ok, expensive sorta and a chain but their pizza's good.)
Deep Cove Pizza and Colloseum Pizza
(Actually a chain with different names. A bit expensive. Really Good pizza.) 4385 Gallant Avenue, in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC 604.929.6123 and 107 E 12th North Vancouver 604-980-2212

COFFEE (Other than the really common chains)
Delaney's (Good quality, nice atmosphere)
Sugar Sweet (Nice atmosphere, live music off and on, good coffee, friendly staff)
Honey's Donuts (go for the donuts.. Warmed up only though. They're to die for) 4373 deep cove, north vancouver 604-929-4988
(ok.. And the cinnamon dolce frappuchino at starbucks.. O-0..)

(Good gelato as well as coffee. Open late, nice atmosphere.)1846 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver Tel: 604-904-2333.
La Casa Gelato (193 flavours! Some really weird ones. Amazing ice cream.) 1033 Venables Street, 604/251-3211
Mondo Gelato (Good, friendly staff, 60 flavours) 1094 Denman Street 604 647-6638
Amato Gelato (Good, friendly staff, 70 flavours) 969 Denman Street  604 648 2176

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Great list!
I don't get over to the north Shore very much but now I have an idea where I should try.
Welcome :) Hope it helps.
Sushi Station and Neighbourhood Noodles are not good choices for sushi at all.
Sushi's so subjective though.. It totally depends on the style you like.
Also, i agree that the noodle house doesn't have the best sushi, but it's a nice variety of things for a group that wants to go out and has different tastes. My bf and i go there so i can eat sushi and he can have whatever cuz he hates sushi.
i still don't like those restauraunts! but, just wondering, have you been to sushi and pizza? i'm just really curious what goes on in there...
No, not yet.. I've always been a bit wary of that place. I can't see somewhere that thinks pairing those two things together is a good plan being very good at all. Then again, you never know i guess. You should post here if you do go about it cuz i'm sure there are a lot of people who've wondered.
ooh, and Bella Cucina on lonsdale is a really great place for Italian. They have amazing sauces~